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Sol Gabetta | cello 
Alexei Volodin | piano 

Two exceptional chamber musicians for a programme of sonatas by Prokofiev, Britten and Shostakovich.

Sol Gabetta, Alexei Volodin
Sol Gabetta © Julia Wesely, Alexei Volodin © Marco Borggreve


Prokofiev Sonata for cello and piano Op. 119
Britten Sonata for cello and piano Op. 65
Shostakovich Sonata for cello and piano Op. 40 

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This concert brings together two international soloists, the cellist Sol Gabetta and the pianist Alexei Volodin, who know how to satisfy the demands of chamber music. Prokofiev's sonata is the result of an encounter between the musician and the young prodigy Rostropovich (back in 1949) and illuminates the post-war Soviet night with a flash of poetry. A dozen years later, it was also Rostropovich who inspired Britten to write his sonata, which the composer dedicated to him. Going further back and different circumstances for that of Shostakovich, dating from 1934, where lyricism competes with irony. Legend has it that he composed it during two nights of insomnia after an argument with his wife Nina... The art of inspiration...

COREALISATION Piano**** / Théâtre des Champs-Elysées

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