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La Fille de Madame Angot

Charles Lecocq 

Lecocq’s Madame Angot was a triumph when it was created, then it was forgotten. A talented team of French singers is putting her back in the spotlight with great enthusiasm.

Anne-Catherine Gillet
Anne-Catherine Gillet © Laetitia Bica
Véronique Gens
Véronique Gens © Sandrine Expilly
Sébastien Rouland
Sébastien Rouland © Kaufhold


Anne-Catherine Gillet | Clairette Angot
Véronique Gens | Mademoiselle Lange
Artavazd Sargsyan | Pomponnet
Mathias Vidal | Ange Pitou
Matthieu Lécroart | Larivaudière
Ingrid Perruche | Amarante / Babette / Javotte
Antoine Philippot | Louchard
Flannan Obé | Trenitz
David Witczak | Cadet / Un Incroyable / Un Officier

Sébastien Rouland | direction
Orchestre de chambre de Paris
Chœur du Concert Spirituel

Sung in French with French and English subtitles

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In 1872, Charles Lecocq, a worthy heir of Offenbach and an unfortunate rival of Bizet, placed the action of his Madame Angot’s Daughter under the Directoire, just after the Terror, a time when a frenzy seized French society. At that time, people were thirsty to sing and dance to forget. The musician was inspired by the legendary character of Madame Angot, a sort of merchant from Les Halles who had made her fortune, to evoke with brilliance and truculence the Paris of the time. This lively, fresh and delicate work is rightly regarded as the musician's masterpiece. In fact, at the time of its creation, it had no less than 411 consecutive performances. People laugh, cry, dance... But as Saint-Saëns said, "It's much more serious than you think". A talented team of French singers, including Anne-Catherine Gillet, Véronique Gens, Mathias Vidal, Yann Beuron, Matthieu Lécroart and Ingrid Perruche, welcome us tonight to rediscover this little gem of the repertoire that has been missing from the Parisian stage since 1984.

COPRODUCTION Palazzetto Bru Zane / Théâtre des Champs-Elysées / Orchestre de chambre de Paris Dans le cadre du 9e Festival Palazzetto Bru Zane Paris

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