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Antonio Vivaldi

Jean-Christophe Spinosi continues his exploration of the lyrical repertoire of the Red Priest with this Venetian Olimpiade.

Jean Christophe Spinosi
Jean Christophe Spinosi © Jean-Baptiste Millot


Riccardo Novaro | Clistene
Ambroisine Bré | Aristea
Benedetta Mazzucato | Argene
Chiara Skerath | Megacle
Carlo Vistoli | Licida
Ana Maria Labin | Aminta
Luigi Di Donato | Alcandro

Jean-Christophe Spinosi | direction
Ensemble Matheus
Chœur de chambre Mélisme(s) | direction Gildas Pungier 

Sung in Italian with French and English subtitles

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L'Olimpiade was premiered in Venice in 1734, at the Teatro Sant'Angelo, on a libretto by the poet Metastasis after Herodotus. It was an immediate and resounding success. The action takes place near the city of Olympia on the day of the games. But the libretto serves above all as a pretext for a formidable melodic outburst where betrayed friendships and thwarted love rival each other. It is one of Vivaldi's most beautiful pieces where the musical writing, constantly renewed, knows how to take great advantage of the wide variety of dramatic situations. The arias linked to the soul affetti of the various characters are superb, set to music in an extremely rich and colourful melodic style.

PRODUCTION Théâtre des Champs-Elysées

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