New season

Stella Chen | violin
Albert Cano Smit | piano

The second concert of this violin weekend is also an opportunity to discover promising young artists. This afternoon, the American Stella Chen...

Stella Chen
Stella Chen
Albert Cano Smit
Albert Cano Smit - DR


Great Violin Week-end II
Beethoven Sonata Op. 12 No. 3
Ysaÿe Caprice, from Etude en forme de valse de Saint-Saëns Op. 52 No. 6
Bartók Rhapsody No. 1
Strauss Sonata Op. 18 

Throughout the weekend, take part in family activities with luthiers and bow makers: creation and restoration. Young and old, come and discover the magical world of the violin ...

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With a degree in psychology and a passion for figure skating, the young American violinist Stella Chen, winner of the most recent
Queen Elisabeth Competition has all the makings of a great: a mordant sound and the imperious gesture that serves a fiery temperament.
To begin with, Sonata No. 3 of Beethoven's Opus 12, where even if the piano brilliantly leads the discourse, the violin is not to be outdone with its torrents of notes with lyrical accents. Another mood with Ysaÿe’s Caprice: After a Study in Form of a Waltz of Saint-Saëns, a pure gem of visionary virtuosity. Bartók's Rhapsody is one of the composer's most accessible chamber pieces, but one in which we can already glimpse the main lines of his future major works. Finally, Strauss's sonata, a youthful work in which while the piano willingly demonstrates virtuosity, the violin illustrates many affinities close to the "voice", an instrument that is known to be dear to the composer's heart.

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