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Pierre et le loup...

Sergei Prokofiev 

One fine morning, little Peter opened the gate of the garden and went out into the vast green meadows...

Pierre et le loup
Pierre et le loup - DR
Pierre et le loup
Pierre et le loup - DR


Musical tale Op. 67

Projection of an animated movie
Artistic direction and animation Cyril Obrecht and Serge Bussone

Elliot Jenicot | narrator
Les Dissonances | string ensemble 
Ensemble Ouranos | wind quintet

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Prokofiev's musical tale has cradled generations of children and led many of them to take a gentle approach to the sometimes intimidating realm of classical music. At the beginning, an idea as simple as it is ingenious: to personalise each role with an instrument. The oboe, bassoon and horns thus remain inseparable from the duck, the grandfather and the wolf. Another precious asset of this music: the unique melodic sense of the Russian composer... Add to this the liveliness of the story, the efficiency of the orchestration and the vital role given to the narrator, and the result is a total success!

COREALISATION Jeanine Roze Production / Théâtre des Champs-Elysées

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