New season

Visiting the Theater

Several times a year, the theatre organises guided tours (in French)
You can also explore, with the "Chroniques du Théâtre des Champs-Elysées", the history of the Théâtre by looking at an artist, work, repertoire or theme...


Open to according to a schedule* :

  • School groups (a maximum of 35 pupils and supervisors): free of charge. 
  • Individuals (a maximum of 25 people per tour) Cost per person:
    €8 – full rate
    €4 – reduced rate for young people (under 26), students and pensioners
    €150 – group rate for groups of 25 people

A member of the Theatre team will be happy to guide you for a tour lasting about 1 hour 15 minutes. He will describe the historical and artistic context in which the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées was built, and explain the artistic aspirations behind the theatre's programme of staged operas, concert operas, symphony concerts, vocal and instrumental recitals and dance. The guide will talk about the different professions represented at the theatre, and explain how they work together to create the optimum conditions for both theatregoers and artists.

* Subject to changes according to the requirements of the Theater

A few preliminaries…

  • Façade: low reliefs by Bourdelle
  • Atrium: frescoes by Bourdelle, light fittings by Lalique
  • Salon des Dames: paintings by Lebasque
  • Second balcony: cut-away scale model of the theatre and display case featuring highlights of the theatre's history (produced in 1988 when the theatre was renovated)
  • Views of the auditorium: ceiling painting by Maurice Denis


"Les chroniques du theatre des champs-elysees" collection

The aim of the “Chroniques” collection is to explore current programming throughout the season in parallel with the history of the Théâtre by looking at an artist, work, repertoire or theme. Each issue comprises a text with a preface by prestigious writers in the field or performers, lavish illustrations, and a selection of audio archives in collaboration with Ina, the national audiovisual institute (accessed via QR codes).

  • Du Mariage aux Noces 
    Souvenirs de Comtesses élyséennes
    48 pages - €10

  • L'autre Strauss 
    à la conquête de la France
    60 pages - €10
  • Le Roman du Théâtre 
    ou le rêve d'un Palais Philharmonique
    80 pages and 20mn of audio archives - €12

  • Une histoire en affiches 
    Un siècle de musique, de ballet et de théâtre
    60 pages of 20mn video archives - €10

  • Nijinsky 1913 
    L'année du Sacre
    60 pages and 20mn of audio archives - €10

  • Francis Poulenc 
    L'enfant du chœur
    48 pages and 20mn of audio archives - €10

“Chroniques” are on sale at the box office (€10 / €12), online or in a bookshop