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Up to 10 people
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Abonnement Groupes

Subscription - 30% to - 15% from 1st to 4th category


  • A minimum of 5 performances (select a fixed category for your subscription)
  • Download Form or on demand
  • Applications processed in order of receipt
  • Confirmation on receipt of payment for tickets by 15 June 2020 at the latest
Groupes Hors abonnement

Evenings - 15% from 1st to 4th category


  • One or more performances during the season (select a fixed category per performance)
  • Confirm at the latest 6 weeks prior to the date of the performance selected by paying for the tickets
  • Seating booked immediately on receipt of payment

No discount for Svetlana Zakharova Project (24 &25/10/2020), Evgeny Kissin (21/11/2020), Grigory Sokolov (28/11/2020), Jonas Kaufmann (06/12/2020), La Belle au bois dormant (31/12/2020), Muriel Robin (19/06/2021) and seats "coeur d’orchestre" 
Booking for Sunday Morning Concerts, Young audience and French Boeuf de rentrée (26/09/2020) from the 6th performance.

10 personnes

Up to 10 people


If you'd like to organise outings with your friends to share your interests and impressions, or to discover different repertories and performers, why not form a group? (it doesn't have to be the same people all the time)
If you represent a works council or an association and would like to offer the employees or organisation members a chance to see a show... 

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Work council / Friends / Associations